Sunday, July 18, 2010

Placebo or Coincidence

The other day my patient told his father that the ringing in his ears is decreasing ever since he started treatments with me. The patient's ear has been constantly ringing day and night for 5 years. His father, a retired medical doctor, dismissed this to mere coincidence.

That response rang a bell with me as it seems that I have heard comments like these thoughout my career as a healthcare provider for over 20 years. There are 3 basic responses that my patients hear from their medical doctors.

1. They only feel better because of placebo effect.
2. They never really had the problem to begin with.
3. It was just a coincidence.

I wonder how many people got better through some type of therapy other than drugs or surgey and were quickly dismissed by their medical doctor. People know when they are better, when the symptoms subside, and function improves. and their suffering ends. Share your stories with others and inspire those that are suffering and give them hope.

Mo Shouka, DC, QME


  1. There is some serious rigidity with medical doctors that I have found especially frustrating. It seems there is more interest in prescribing pharmaceuticals (which I feel often do more harm than good) to treat the symptoms instead of the underlying problem. Baffling.

  2. Having received only 2 treatments from you in the last 2 weeks, my lower back pain is significantly reduced. Before seeing you, I could barely get out of my car. Now I am able to do so with little pain. I can't praise you enough for offering genuine relief to a very uncomfortable condition. This was not something I imagined, and it's not a coincidence that I feel better after being treated by you. I will tell my father-in-law, the doctor you mentioned.( He's not retired, he's still practicing medicine. I guess, he'll continue to practice until he gets it right?)

  3. The human body is designed with so many back up systems. For example we have many muscles that have more than one nerve connection. If one nerve gets damaged, we still have a secondary nerve that can take over. As we get older our heart starts to sprout ancillary arteries that are able to continue blood flow to the heart muscle. If one of our glands such as the thyroid weakens the adrenal glands will work harder to make up for the decreased thyroid function. My point is that if we strengthen any part of the body, other parts will also improve. Doctors may differ in their opinions because they have already proven to themselves that their approach works. We most also leave room in our minds for other approaches that also work. The body is always reaching homeostasis by correcting what it can. We are simply just nudging it along.