Friday, July 30, 2010

Benefits of Omega 3 Oils

This morning was very interesting at the office. One of my patients was reading a book about the benefits of fish oil and omega 3 oils. She was inspired to get some omega 3 oil that was endorsed by a celebrity. The good thing was now my patient was on board with supplementing her diet with omega 3 oils.

I mentioned to her some of the benefits of fish oils:

1. Regulates blood pressure
2. Regulates heart rhythm
3. Thins the blood
4. Lowers inflammation
5. Improves memory
6. Lengthens telomeres

Telomeres are part of our genes and will shorten as we age. So it was found that people who take omega 3 oils have longer telomeres. This is a significent anti-aging marker.

The only thing was that the product she bought had very little actual omega 3 oil in it! So I explained to her about how the nutrition industry is not regulated very well if at all. It is much like the wild west with so many companies touting claims about their "tonics".

My advice to everyone out there is "caveat emptor" - that is buyer beware. Actually, Caveat emptor reminds me of a Brady Bunch episode, anyone with me on that? Anyway the lesson is clear, research the company that makes the supplements you are buying and proceed with caution.

I have helped my patients steer clear of the nutritional industry mine fields and directed them to the right supplements for over 20 years.

Mo Shouka, DC

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