Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "code" for health

Self-preservation seems to be one of the strongest codes passed down through our genes. When it comes to life and death situations, people are astonished at what they are willing and able to do. Everyone can understand the concept of self-preservation.

The idea of "preservation of the species" is a stronger code that we have to understand better. When will someone sacrifice themselves for the sake of others? One example is when a mother will give up her life for the sake of her children. Another example is when a soldier allows himself to be put in harm's way for the protection of his country.

My point is that somewhere in our genetic code we have this program and it can be triggered without our conscious awareness. Another example is in the case of religious zealots that are willing to sacrifice themselves for a philosophy. Somehow while imbibed in their worship their minds are impregnated with the idealogy of sacrificing themselves.

These are all too familiar concepts, however what I want to discuss is how and why "survival of the species" can have a detrimental affect on our health. The code can be triggered from within our bodies and can set the wheels of doom in motion. This can lead to a gradual breakdown of our biological systems.

Quite often we hear of stories or know of people that have gone through extremely stressful life situations. Soon after they are plagued with some delibitating illness. Chronic pains or illness can be the consequence of a bad divorce or bankruptcy.

Traumatic life events that occur too near to each other will produce a multiplied effect on the well-being of the individual. The bigger the emotional stress from these events the more risk we are at developing illness.

Basically, what happens when we are bombarded with stress repeatedy is that our bodies become frustrated. Every system in our body has some kind of backup mechanism. The body will try to survive by adapting. However, if the options that it tries do not work, it is at risk of giving up and triggering the "code".

If you think of stress you can realize that there are two categories of stress. One type of stress is good for us and pushes us to grow and improve. With this type of stress we feel that we have some sense of control over it.

The bad type of stress is the one that is overwhelming and feels like it is out of control. Impending doom seems to be looming in the shadows. Recognizing the difference and categorizing our stress is the first step.

We have to identify the stressors that feel like they are out of control. You can ask yourself how do you feel about that stressful thing. You should be able to put it into one of these emotional categories. It can make you feel angry, sad, scared, worried, or frustrated.

By identifying stress and putting it into a category we are exercising our will over stress. By doing this we are gradually moving it from the "bad" category to the "good" one. We are demonsttrating some sense of control over the situation.

There are many approaches or techniques one can use to mitigate the negative effects of stress on our lives. The most important point is that we do not let our body trigger the negative "code" that can lead to illness or early demise.

We have to remind ourselves that we have options. As long as we believe we have options our bodies will still have hope and continue to fight on. Because we are emotional beings we have to harness the power of our positive emotions and curtail the effects of the negative emotions

Our bodies and physiology will support our gut feelings and will bend for us to give us more health and vitality. As long as we feel that we are thriving our bodies will find ways to keep us living. You have to thrive to be alive.

Mo Shouka, DC

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